What I’ve learned from co-op

I’m halfway done my co-op term, and honestly can say that I’ve enjoyed it a lot for the past 2 months. The skills that I’ve gained through working on projects and tasks really give me applicable insight to what goes on in the real world. My favourite part? Getting feedback from my co-workers and manager that I’m a valued member of the team, and that I make impactful contributions that help the team move towards our common goals. The best feeling is knowing that the others around me know I strive to work hard to make my contributions, and that they appreciate it. It’s a clear sign to me that “you’re on the right track to getting somewhere, and hopefully able to get an earlier start to climbing the corporate ladder.” And honestly I need that, because I have yet to discover a sufficient amount of careers that are suitable for an English undergrad student. In plain English, I’m subconsciously stressing over where the actual heck I’m headed in life, but have a bit of a loose feeling that I am likely heading in the right direction.

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