Goodbye 2016


A year that included the killing of a gorilla, mass shootings, a series of terrorist attacks, humanitarian disasters, deaths of a few celebrities, a wildfire in Alberta and president Donald Trump. Many people I’ve talked to have told me this has been one of their worse years with what’s happened in the news. As much as I sympathize with them on how terrible the events throughout the year turned out to be, this year was a year of discoveries, realizations and somehow for me.

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What I’ve Learned from Dating an Upper-year

I can’t believe finals are starting next week and my first semester of first-year is already ending, but time does go by a lot faster in university and I’ve realized that unless I put effort into living in the moment and having fun with friends in my spare time, it’s too easy to spend all day studying.

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First month of university

Let me start off my saying I made it through my first month of university! The past month was a struggle, but I’m glad I managed to survive. I discovered that university is full of surprises and learning experiences, and so many things that have happened are unexpected. I don’t know where or how to start this, so I’ll just jump right in.

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Cruelty free drugstore makeup

Ever since i’ve switched to going cruelty free, the list of brands has been drastically smaller and it gets harder to find products that meet all the requirements, are affordable and that actually work. Especially since I live in Canada, where the variety is extremely limited, it’s really hard to find good products without breaking the bank. Unlike our American counterparts, there’s no Ulta or Walgreens available here. Only Shoppers, Rexall and Walmart. However, after doing some intense exploring on Pinterest and trying out different brands, I’ve been able to find a few reliable brands. The only downside is that except for NYX, the rest of the brands have a limited selection of products in Toronto than they’re sold elsewhere.

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BH Cosmetics haul

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Hey again!

I know I’ve been on a four month hiatus now, mainly because of school work – gr.12 is crazy when you have two maths, and I really missed the blogging world. Another reason is because I’ve gotten into the world of beauty and I’m trying to experiment with makeup to see what works for me – and my prom is coming up!

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Starting a new semester

January passed by so quickly with exams and culminating projects to finish; I can’t believe that we’re already into February this fast! I went through a lot in the past month – exam stresses and tight deadlines – and it feels so good now that I no longer have a load of things to do on my back. Despite the fact that not all my exams went as well as I hoped, I still have to just use my one day of break to destress and rebuild strength for approaching the new semester. Here are a few tips I’m using for a transition.

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Cruelty free makeup brands

Ever since I’ve gotten into beauty for the past year, I’ve been on the lookout for inexpensive quality makeup that I can try out and experiment with. Most of my friends wear a bit of makeup for school and they’re all pretty passionate about enhancing their facial features a teeny bit more while keeping it au naturel.

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