2018 Recaptured

Hello to all my classmates, friends, teachers, employers and future employers who are reading this blog. So after like eight months of no updates, I’ve decided to end 2018 with one concluding blog post and start 2019 with a redesigned website that actually reflects the now 20 year old me. In addition, if you’re a future employer browsing through this blog to see what my personality is like, I have included two sections for both my writing portfolio and graphic design portfolio, so if you’re curious as to the work I’ve done from my previous co-ops, they’re right here on my blog for your convenient access. Now that I’m done with my self-promotion, let’s talk about wrapping up this year and preparing for the next.

To begin with, 2018 was definitely a challenging year for me. This year, I’ve completed two co-op terms and a spring school term – which was hella tedious to get through by the way. During my two co-op terms, I learned a lot about professional conduct, asking for advice, and what clear communication means in the workplace. I gained skills in marketing, recruitment, and editing organizational documents. In my spring study term, I somehow survived four months of three online courses – which I don’t recommend to anyone, and two in class. Although I’m not the best at time management, I have to say that it took all of my energy to do decently in this one literature course – British literature II. Online courses are usually manageable…until they have 35 video modules with no transcripts. That’s when I start losing brain cells and my sanity. However I will say that I’m grateful for all the challenges I faced this year, as I’ve learned so much from them, and they have helped me grow and develop new skills for my career. Without challenges, there is no growth.

2018 was also the year in which I learned to cut toxic people out of my life for good. I love making new friends, because making connections with people is always a positive thing for me. For instance, there is a mall in Waterloo that I usually shop at for clothes, and I ended up befriending the sales associates there, having frequently shopped there. I love those experiences, because I love making new friends! However this past year I also learned that some people just can’t stay in your life because all they breed is toxicity, and they might even burn some of the bridges you worked so hard to build. Sometimes it’s best to let those people go, so that you can truly appreciate those who truly add value and positivity to your life.

Lastly, I’d like to take a moment to thank my friends, family, and previous employers for helping me develop throughout the past year. One person’s journey cannot prevail without the help of others, and I appreciate each person who has been by my side, helped me through the tough times, as well as my previous managers who have taught me plenty about how to succeed in the workplace. Thanks to everyone who’s been there for me.

With that said, goodbye 2018 and hello 2019! Happy New Year!


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