What I’ve learned from co-op

I’m halfway done my co-op term, and honestly can say that I’ve enjoyed it a lot for the past 2 months. The skills that I’ve gained through working on projects and tasks really give me applicable insight to what goes on in the real world. My favourite part? Getting feedback from my co-workers and manager that I’m a valued member of the team, and that I make impactful contributions that help the team move towards our common goals. The best feeling is knowing that the others around me know I strive to work hard to make my contributions, and that they appreciate it. It’s a clear sign to me that “you’re on the right track to getting somewhere, and hopefully able to get an earlier start to climbing the corporate ladder.” And honestly I need that, because I have yet to discover a sufficient amount of careers that are suitable for an English undergrad student. In plain English, I’m subconsciously stressing over where the actual heck I’m headed in life, but have a bit of a loose feeling that I am likely heading in the right direction.

Although I’m thankful for my progress through co-op so far, I’m disappointed with my general time management skills. I thought that having time free to myself after work would mean that I can do other things, but I confess that I procrastinate like way. Too. Much. Sure I have the time to brainstorm and write another blog post, but what am I currently doing? Most likely watching another music video and imagining myself performing the song on stage, even through that situation is too idealistic and highly unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. Why am I capable of wasting so much valuable time, I ask myself daily. I don’t know, probably just because I imagine the world to be a perfect place, where everything happens according to plan, but the stark reality is that couldn’t be further from the truth. I still need to wake up from this daydream and realize that not everything is going to happen according to my vision.

The last thing I want to talk about is working on goals. I am the kind of person who likes to set goals for each term whether they’re for my career, education, or just personal. I also tend to get really irritated when things don’t happen according to plan, or when I lack the motivation to work on achieving those goals – which is literally RIGHT NOW. I feel really guilty for not having written a single blog post in the past 2 months since 2018 has started, but honestly I don’t have any new ideas of what to write about. Perhaps performing well is a common sense I assume every co-op student has in mind, so I haven’t touched upon that topic yet, but I feel that I’m leaning more towards a “how to organize your stuff in a small room,” because that’s currently the situation I’m in. my room is super small, there’s not enough space for everything I wish I could fit in, but I’ve tried to make it work for the past few months, and it’s been going not too bad. Maybe that’s what I’ll do next, we shall see if I can be more productive.

Anyways, thank you for taking the time to read my rant. I just don’t have the motivation nor any ideas of what to write for future blogs right now, but I’ll try to get something done for next time. Creative juices are currently on limited supply. This is it for February.

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