Things I Learned in 2017

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I originally was gonna start this EOT post with ranting about how bad my 2A term went, how much I hated 4/5 of the courses that I took, and how I nearly felt like academia tortured my mental health and soul, but since today is the last day of 2017, I think it’d be better to do a yearly wrap-up. To start off, I’ll tell you briefly that this term wasn’t a good term for me, “good” isn’t even the appropriate word to describe how the four months have been. “horrible” would probably make a better word. However, I say that not only from my own perspective, but also on behalf of some of my friends who have also completed their 2A. Damn those degree requirement courses, in which students are mandated to take “necessary” courses to fulfill their program requirements. Ok I get it, Beowulf was the first “long and descriptive narrative poem to be written by humankind, and is a milestone of ancient british literature,” but do I care? No. Will I remember it? Yes, it’s been forced into my head at this point, and I spent a few days verbally vomiting an essay on it (terror). Sometimes I really wonder, is it THAT necessary to mandate students in taking these courses, if it’s 1) tedious to many people, 2) BORING, 3) waste of time. I could be taking media and digital arts courses instead, but no, I have to waste four months of my life reading ancient texts. Yes, this rant is coming to you from an English major. And yes, my fellow friends have had to undergo some really annoying courses as well, so I applaud everyone who was able to survive their 2A term.

Ok now for the actual yearly rewind. 2017 was a year of growth for me. This year, I went through a series of experiences that opened my eyes to glimpses of the real world. Really. At the start of the year, I realized that I was able to not only survive my first year, but get good marks in my 1B classes as well, which I had previously thought was unattainable. I learned to struggle through the difficulties, but also to enjoy the rewards that were found at the finish line. Each milestone that I passed along the way, was a checkpoint along the path to my goal. And I’m thankful I was able to pass them.

I also learned that long distance relationships can be a challenge. Not that my boyfriend and I were even that far apart. However, while he was on coop in Toronto, and I was still on my second study term in Waterloo, I realized how important it was to keep clear communications and to understand how both of us felt. Yes, we had arguments, and many of those were petty. I’m glad that we were able to resolve them within a short amount of time. The arguments also made me realize how important it is to find time to spend with your significant other, no matter how busy you are. Sometimes even 15 mins of talking can really strengthen the bond. And if you have some time, video calling is always a plus.

Speaking of relationships, I’ll take a moment to say how grateful I am to have spent a year with the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. I remember having stayed single all throughout high school, because I knew I wasn’t ready for a relationship just yet, yet envying everyone else who already had a special someone to be with. I remember thinking “I could only dream of having one in the future.” Little did I know the surprises university had waiting. It’s funny looking back thinking I would go through the toils of first-year, learn to transition into post-secondary first, and perhaps find someone through going out on Friday nights. Of course that didn’t happen. I ended up finding a guy who not only exceeded my expectations, but also my parents expectations as well. After all, there’s no better feeling than introducing parents to a guy who meets all “Chinese ideal boyfriend” requirements, like not only do I like him, I know he can impress my parents as well. My biggest fear of high school relationships was the shallowness of the relationship and unrealistic expectations in them, but I’m happy to say that my current one is the complete opposite.

Besides relationships, I also learned how hard it is to find a decent job, and a decent coop. My first legitimate summer job was one that my mom helped me find through connections, and I went through a bunch of learning experiences through that job that helped me improve my performance for the one that I found for this past summer. This past summer, I sent over 50 resumes and cover letters, to be able to find a decent marketing & communications position at a charity. Although I don’t like long commutes, I enjoyed the I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experiences that I gained from the job and appreciated that I could use it as a stepping stone for the coop process I was preparing for. The commute time sacrificed was completely worth it for an entry into the job pool. The most important thing this experience taught me, was that you do have to work hard for a good job, like very incredibly hard. No, finding a decent job in you interested field is not that easy, but if you put in work, it’s doable. I’m thankful for the valuable experienced I gained.

The last thing I learned this year was balancing different aspects of life. That was as best as I could put it. Basically, my health hasn’t been well for the past few months. Ever since I caught a cold September 20ish, I’ve had a consistent cough, which I don’t know how much longer it’s going to stay. All I can say is I’m currently getting plenty of rest, so that it can go away ASAP. I’m not just concerned about not being physically well though. The root of this problem stems from the fact that I didn’t get enough sleep and didn’t have the time to eat healthy during the school year. As much as I wish I could say that I slept before midnight and ate homemade food, it’s not true. I ate out frequently and sometimes stayed up till 3am, which now I am finally experiencing the consequences. The main idea is remember to try and keep a balanced diet and lifestyle, even if it’s hard, because there are long-term consequences if you don’t. I’m a bad example. I intend to improve my lifestyle while on coop.

Anyways, these are some of the important things I’ve learned in 2017. I would conclude that this year has been one of tremendous growth for me, even though some parts were a tad bit painful. I hope some of you can relate to my experiences as well, and definitely share your 2017 highlights as well J

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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