(late) New Year’s Resolutions

I know, I know, I’m super late to talking about my New Year’s Resolutions which were supposed to be posted at the beginning of January, which by now I’m finally finished with. My reasons for being late include the fact that launching a new website (a self-hosted one) and dealing with all the technical components around it took a bit of time. I also spent the past two weeks starting my second term at university, getting used to my new courses and trying to get back into the pace of university. All that does take time to get done, and I’m glad that I’m finally finished…except with the header…I really need to get the header of this blog done. I will hopefully get that done soon. Anyways, enough with me rambling, let’s get down to declaring my New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Plan daily tasks and actually get them done before I go to sleep.

There have been way too many times this year when I plan to get something done by the end of the day – like blog posts – but I don’t actually get them done until a week later, which then makes me feel guilty of being unproductive. This year, I am gonna strive to set SMART goals and actually get what I need to get done before I go to sleep at night.

2. Just do it!

I will admit, that I can get really extra with blog quality. From reading blog tips professionals give to their fellow blogger readers, I really want my posts to be top notch, with crystal clear sunshine lighting on my props, and all the important stuff to be highlighted in the photo. Unfortunately, the room I rented has poor artificial lighting, and gets very little sunlight (regrets), and I can spend a huge portion of my time debating whether to do a blog post or not. I sometimes feel like with the time that I’ve spent debating, I could have worked with photo-editing software to adjust the picture to how I want it to look. Gotta just do it next time.

3. Develop an editorial schedule.

Ok I feel bad for not having an editorial schedule yet – I really need to put an end to all of the procrastinating I’ve done in the past year. I could probably plan things out and actually map out where this blog is going in terms of expansion and development, but of course I spend the time I could be doing that dancing the hours away. Anyways I really need to get to work on that.

4. Join clubs and get involved at school.

So far, I’m only part of the Her Campus chapter at my school and I’ve been writing features for them since October. However, since features are fairly easy for me to write, I plan to join the acapella and dance group at my school to fill up my schedule a bit more. There’s a dancer part of me that never gets complete satisfaction just dancing in my room. I also want to improve my singing more, so joining acapella groups probably help.

5. Stop checking my iPod first thing in the morning.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one guilty of doing this, and I also feel like it’s really bad for my eyes. The room I’m renting is poorly lit by natural lighting, so most of the time I’m in the room, I have the artificial lighting turned on. When I wake up in the morning in complete darkness, I kinda have to squint to make sure that the iPod screen doesn’t hurt my eyes. I’m trying to work on not checking Instagram first thing when I wake up, because it keeps me in bed for at least 10 minutes.

6. Visit professors’ office hours ahead of deadlines.

In the past term, a lot of my professors’ office hours started or ended too close to my classes, which meant that even though I would plan to go to them, I ended up not going at the end, because my class was a few buildings away and I would rather not miss class. What I kinda regret not doing is just booking an appointment with them outside of their usual hours, so I could discuss whatever assignment/midterm with them before the deadline. I know I’m definitely gonna actually try this term, so that I can bring my marks up.

7. Pick a day for chores and groceries.

Ever since I’ve moved out for university, I’ve learned that I have to get everything done by myself. This includes chores, groceries, studying and cooking. My two most hated ones on the list include doing the dishes and laundry (I actually need to search for the clothes that need to be washed). During the winter break, my mom suggested that I pick a day during the week to get all the tedious stuff done, which I agree is a good idea, and to set a schedule for doing everything. I’m hoping that my life will be more organized after this as my room got super messy after a few months.

8. Go out of my comfort zone and make more friends.

I’ve learned in the past few months that just being in university requires me to take more actions that are out of my comfort zone. The fact that I’m living off-campus requires me to take more initiative in going out there and meeting new people. Meeting new people and making friends is much easier on residence as you live with other students and you get to know your roommates and the people who live beside you easier. However, to me the cost of living in residence isn’t worth the experience and I would rather just put in effort into meeting new people.

9. Go to the gym at least once a week.

Last term, I focused more on trying to transition into the pace of university and getting work done. I will call that term a trial run, but this term, I have higher expectations for myself and I actually want to start working on my physical well-being again. I feel like it’s important for hit the gym at least once a week, so I can at least maintain my health and it’s also better than nothing – which is basically how last term went.

10. Update my journal every three days.

It’s a habit that I’m trying to implement into my daily routine. I can’t keep a day-to-day diary, but I’d like to write down events that have happened every now and then, to have records of what happened now for a few years in the future. I can reflect on how each day has been and the things that I’m grateful for everyday and I also plan on keeping track of where I am in reaching my goals.

Alright, these are all of my New Year’s Resolutions, and what I plan to keep track of for the rest of the year. Let me know what your new year’s resolutions are in the comments below!


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