Summer over already

Hey guys!

Wow, summer’s over already. Unbelievable. It seemed like yesterday we finished school…and now I’m back in school, already a junior in high school, so close to university. I sometimes get paranoid about how time passes so quickly, I mean, it feels like I just graduated from gr.5 yesterday! I still remember shaking our principal’s and VP’s hand when I walked up the stairs on graduation day. I can even remember when my family immigrated to Canada; we were on Air China and the loud hwshhhh of the flushing sound scared the hell out of me when I was three, (and to be quite honest, I still get a little distraught by the flushing sound to this day.) I remember moving from three different apartments to finally settling in the semi-detached house that I now live in today. I remember losing my tooth once, after jumping off a playground structure that was way taller than me. I rememeber the happiness and excitement when I got my first Barbie laptop, in second grade. The years in high school are passing by so much faster than I could ever imagine. I’m also sure that university is gonna go by even faster than this…and soon I have to find a job. However, i’m part of 80% (or so I’m guessing) or Gen Y that has no idea what they wanna do when they’re finished school. As of right now, I only have a couple of priority goals in mind; pay off ANY tuition debt – everyone will have them, possible get LASIK (laser eye surgery). I know that perfect results for lASIK aren’t guaranteed, but mom has had it before and nothing happened, so I’m just gonna trust in modern technological advanced to completely minimize the chances of having a malfunction in the midst of the procedure. Furthermore, my eyes are at -5.0 while most of my friends who have myopia are only at -2.0 to -3.0, which is pretty bad already. If I keep it up with the worsening, I will probably excee dthe recommended myopia range for getting LASIK (-5.0 to -6.0). Unfortunately, you also need to be at least 18 or finished developing your eyes. Therefore, this year, I’m gonna try my best to refrain from going on the computer too long, or my iPod, (I have this excuse in my head going; “well it’s not a computer”) or even reading for that long of a time. It’s not gonna be easy since the world is slowly moving to a state of dependance on technology and I can’t go along with the flow. However, I will try to do so.

Asides from that, here are my goals for school year 2014/15:

  1. Try not to procrastinate that much.
  2. Strive for and maintain my grades at 90<
  3. Actually read some useful books and the newspaper.
  4. Stay ahead of the pack when it comes to homework/assignments/projects.
  5. Actually use my agenda.
  6. Stay as fit as I was in the summer.
  7. Try uploading more to Youtube and Soundcloud and Wattpad.

Enough about me, tell me your goals for the new school/career/lifestyle that your starting; what are your plans for the next couple of days/months/years? I’d love to hear them!



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