Cruelty free makeup brands

Ever since I’ve gotten into beauty for the past year, I’ve been on the lookout for inexpensive quality makeup that I can try out and experiment with. Most of my friends wear a bit of makeup for school and they’re all pretty passionate about enhancing their facial features a teeny bit more while keeping it au naturel. For some of us, we’ll watch Youtube videos on the current trends or the best drugstore products so that we can stay within our budget. However, I’ve also started to learn about cruelty-free brands, which I didn’t know before. And since I really like animals, I’ve decided to compile a list of cruelty-free makeup brands that do not test on them. Here’s a list.



That’s it for now. Some of the brands I have used include Elf, NYX, essence, wet and wild. I really like the elf moisturizing lipsticks, NYX lipsticks and essence lip glosses. Tell me what your favorite cruelty –free makeup brands are.

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  1. Benefit isn’t actually cruelty-free! I forgot the specific reason, but I do know you can check with PETA and Leaping Bunny (which has a more accurate record) or My Beauty Bunny to see why they’re not registered as such. NARS and ColourPop are also cruelty free and Physician’s Formula. I love KVD, Urban, NYX and NARS. I can’t choose just one!

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