Goodbye 2016


A year that included the killing of a gorilla, mass shootings, a series of terrorist attacks, humanitarian disasters, deaths of a few celebrities, a wildfire in Alberta and president Donald Trump. Many people I’ve talked to have told me this has been one of their worse years with what’s happened in the news. As much as I sympathize with them on how terrible the events throughout the year turned out to be, this year was a year of discoveries, realizations and somehow for me.

Somehow, I survived senior year of high school.

Somehow I got accepted to all the universities I applied to.

Somehow I chose Waterloo. Somehow I forgot to apply for residence.

Somehow I found a place off campus.

Somehow my frosh leader asked me on a date in the second week of school, and now

Somehow, we’ve been together for three months.

Somehow I managed to pull through my first term with a 70 something.

Somehow, all of this happened.

For me, my first term of university has been quite an action-packed, fun-filled experience with occasional stumbles and a few trip-overs. I remember wondering what my university experience would be like during the summer and thinking about how my life outside of class would turn out and honestly I couldn’t have had a better first term. Asides from the fact that I spent way too much time on the readings in the first month and the extremely hot weather during frosh week, I can say that I enjoyed it. I also try not to involve relationships with too many other parts of my life, but if there was a tip I would give my high school friends, it would be that dating an upper-year can actually be beneficial to your academic career because they know tips and tricks that you might have discovered yet, and why not find out earlier? I know what you’re probably thinking, “but I’m gonna be so busy with readings and work, how will I even have the time to fit a relationship into my schedule?” let me tell you that upper-years know the ins and outs of the academic system. Most of them will know how to study efficiently at this point. Ask them and apply those strategies. It will make your life easier. I’m not saying take advantage of them, but you learn a lot by dating someone older.

I remember how exhausted I was at the beginning of this year, zombie-state and ready to graduate. How much longer is it going to take until I graduate? I was so sick and tired of gr.12. calculus and vectors tired me out completely. I remember now knowing what to expect for university as people said it was way more challenging compared to high school…but what was more challenging? How is university life more challenging? I remember how everyone told me I should live on residence, and panicking when I didn’t get in. What now? How will I survive? I remember how the first few weeks were filled with extensive study sessions, very little breaks and that “trying to cover all material in the textbook” mentality – which I gave up on in the end, and I’m glad I did. That mentality eats away at one’s physical wellbeing and really sucks all of your mental energy out too. The trick is not to try and cover everything, but to focus on what the professor is mainly covering on the exam. Otherwise, you’ll end up studying day and night, but with little gain.

That is all for 2016, my friends. I’d like to thank you for reading my monthly blog posts, and supporting all the work I put into them. I’m trying to launch this into a bigger project in the new year, and the growing amount of people who read my posts are an encouragement to me that I might be able to grow my blog into something big in the future. My main purpose for this blog has always been to express myself for the past few years, but over the past couple of months, I thought I would focus it on university life as there is a lot to learn and talk about on that topic. I also want to help my fellow students who may also be trying to get used to the university lifestyle. Hopefully in 2017, I’ll be able to expand the topics there is on this blog.

With that said, I wish y’all the best for 2017, have a happy New Years, and good luck with your next term! (and don’t forget to stay tuned)



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