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Ever since i’ve switched to going cruelty free, the list of brands has been drastically smaller and it gets harder to find products that meet all the requirements, are affordable and that actually work. Especially since I live in Canada, where the variety is extremely limited, it’s really hard to find good products without breaking the bank. Unlike our American counterparts, there’s no Ulta or Walgreens available here. Only Shoppers, Rexall and Walmart. However, after doing some intense exploring on Pinterest and trying out different brands, I’ve been able to find a few reliable brands. The only downside is that except for NYX, the rest of the brands have a limited selection of products in Toronto than they’re sold elsewhere.


Essence is the cheapest cruelty free makeup brand that I know of. It originated in Germany, but has branches in Europe and North America. It offers a selection of different face and nail products which are usually under $5! I wish the foundations and bb creams were available where I live but  that doesn’t take away from the fact that there’s still a lot of other products from Essence that I absolutely love.

My faves: lip liner, long lasting lipstick, gel eyeliner pencil, mattifying powder, eyeshadow base, clear brow gel, pink mascara, green lash princess mascara


This is on the more expensive side of drugstore brands and unfortunately, the quantity is very limited in my location. My favourite products are their blushes and lipsticks. Their blushes are soft and subtle and their lippies are incredibly pigmented and creamy. I wish I had their mascara extension fibers.

My faves: luminoso blush


They just opened a store at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, about a month ago. NYX is also on the pricier side of the drugstore selection, but there’s so many dupes for high-end products in this brand. Their lip lingerie line has been compared to Kylie lip kits, primers that are similar to Smashbox and brow products very similar to Anastasia Beverly Hills, so if you’re looking for a dupe to a high-end product, you could likely find one here!

My faves: just about everything.


Elf is one of the most popular drugstore brands on Pinterest due to its affordability and quality and I wish it was also sold in Canada but there is not a lot and I have to order most of it. What I really like about them is that they’re cruelty free, affordable and most of their products are good quality. They also have a wide range of products online.

My faves: gel cleanser, satin lipstick, primer, beautifully bare setting powder, eyebrow kit, eyebrow tame & frame, rose gold eyeshadow palette

BH cosmetics:

This is my favourite online store! Their products are cruelty free (some vegan), they’re high quality – many of the reviews are close to five stars and they’re affordable. There is a shipping fee, they they ship faster than Elf and their products are better. They also have fantastic sales. They have occasional 75% sales, which i guarantee is rare at other stores and sometimes they also discount packages! I have the contour kit, face brushes, nude rose eyeshadow palette, Carli Bybel palette and liquid lipsticks. They all seriously rock!

My faves: everything.

Burt’s Bees:

Burt’s Bees is the drugstore brand that has the most natural ingredients in their products. I’ve seen their lipsticks being raved about on social media by different youtubers and bloggers. Although i’ve never tried them myself, they do have really nice tinted lip balms and lip glosses. Their makeup wipes are also really popular and I want the cucumber one a lot.

My faves: lip balm


An online American store, this brand gained fame due to its wide variety of colours and quality of products. It also has a lot of dupes for Kylie lip kits, so if you don’t have the patience or the money for Kylie Cosmetics, save both and get Colourpop instead. It’s cheaper and around the same quality.

I haven’t gotten anything yet, so I can’t say.

Flower Cosmetics:

This brand is relatively unheard of, however they also have a very good selection of products. They have everything from lippies to foundation and lots of other stuff as well. I’m thinking of trying them sometime, their lip crayons for sure.

I also haven’t gotten anything from this store yet.

What’re your favourite cruelty free drugstore brands? Comment them below!

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  1. I use mostly Colourpop lipsticks and I can swear by them so you should definitely try it. For Elf, if you have not checked, you can find them in Walmart actually at affordable prices.

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