BH Cosmetics haul

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Hey again!

I know I’ve been on a four month hiatus now, mainly because of school work – gr.12 is crazy when you have two maths, and I really missed the blogging world. Another reason is because I’ve gotten into the world of beauty and I’m trying to experiment with makeup to see what works for me – and my prom is coming up! So over the past few months, I’ve ordered a bunch of makeup from BH Cosmetics, one of my new favorite online stores! BH Cosmetics has a variety of products, which are cruelty free, affordable and they also ship fast! If you’re into all of that, definitely check them out!

Anyways, now onto the actual haul.

bh cosmetics haul

The first thing I got from BH Cosmetics was the Contour & Blush Palette 1. There are two palettes, and I think this one is for people with lighter skin since the blushes are pink and the other one had more brown-toned blushes. I bought both the palette and the face brushes for just $15.95 (I know right?!) awhile ago because of the flash sale they were having. The palette is black and really sturdy, which makes me love the packaging and it opens and shuts with a click, which is really satisfying. The overall package design is really nice.

bh cosmetics contour and blush palette

The palette includes three highlighters, two blushes and one bronzer. To be honest, I feel like I could use the bottom left highlighter as a subtle blush. I haven’t had the time to try the palette yet, and I hope I can soon, but from the reviews on the site and friends’ opinions, they should be amazing. I’ve been told that the brushes are super soft, from a friend who owns all of them. The top right pink also contains a bit of sparkle, which can look great if you’re looking for a glam look.

bh cosmetics contour and blush palette 1

The studio pro beauty sponge was something I got later, since people were saying that it’s a dupe for the original Beauty Blender, which I can’t see myself buying. I don’t need a sponge that’s $20 but I just wanted some sort of a blender.

bh cosmetics studio pro beauty sponge

The next thing I bought is the Carli Bybel palette. It has been crazed on Youtube for awhile now, ever since Carli released her palette, and since my friends also say it’s really good, I bought one just to experiment with. It comes in white/silver packaging, with Carli Bybel on the front. It is a 14 color eyeshadow & highlighter palette.

bh cosmetics carli bybel palette

The ten small shades are eyeshadows and the four bigger shades are highlighters, but I’ll probably use the two highlighters on the right as bronzers instead since my skin is light. The palette also includes a mirror, which makes it really convenient and it has the phrase “aspire to inspire” written right below it – so cute!

bh cosmetics carli bybel palette 1

Here is a clearer look:

bh cosmetics carli bybel shades

Last, but not least, here is the nude rose eyeshadow palette with a pack of four mini brushes! The nude rose eyeshadow palette comes in pale pink packaging with the print in gold. I also got this one on a flash sale event, so it was only $9.50 with the four mini brushes included! The brushes came in a black wallet-like pouch(?)

bh cosmetics nude rose palette

The nude rose palette has twelve different shades. Although its name is nude rose, there aren’t that many “rosey” shades in the palette. However, that’s the only thing I noticed, the colors are still gorgeous. They have also included a shade guide at the top.

bh cosmetics nude rose palette 1

The four mini eye brushes are definitely travel-friendly, and I also think they’re an advantage for near-sighted people like me, who have to be an inch away from the mirror to be able to actually see what I’m doing. #nearsightedpeopleproblems

bh cosmetics mini eye brushes

That is it for this haul! I hope I can find the time to actually try these on before prom, so that I can do my own makeup. Let me know if you’ve bought anything from BH Cosmetics and what your favorites are!


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