E.l.f. skin care set review

I finally used up my Aveeno Ultra-calming foaming facial cleanser and since I’ve wanted to try something new, I ordered E.l.f.’s skincare set which includes a facial cleanser, soothing serum and hydrating moisturizer. I’ve wanted to try an E.l.f. product for a while now, and since my skincare supply was running low, I decided to order one the other day. The set was $10, an amazing deal for three products! When I tested these products, I was pretty impressed by the results, and the packaging is really nice too.

elf skin care set

Facial cleanser:

The Daily Face Cleanser a liquid cleanser that’s so smooth and easy to apply! It’s not scented, and you don’t need much of it to make it work. It’s super gentle on your skin and it does not leave that squeaky clean feeling. I highly recommend it for anyone who just needs some gentle cleansing! My skin is combination (kinda oily t-zone and sometimes dry cheeks) and I usually love to use Aveeno foaming cleanser, but I wanted to try something new and cruelty free. I’ve used Clinique’s facial soap and Elizabeth Arden’s exfoliating cleanser before, but I found that they were too harsh and dried out my skin. Elf’s cleanser is a new favourite for me.

Soothing serum:

The Soothing Serum is supposed to be applied after the facial cleanser in the three step skincare routine. This serum does exactly what it says; it smooths out my skin and surprising also reduces the blemish and small zit spots, which is a plus. It also seems to minimize the size of my pores, which is awesome. And it works terrifically after using the cleanser. It’s also a really good base for applying moisturizer and makes the application quick and smooth. Love it!

Hydrating moisturizer:

I was really excited to try the Daily Hydration Moisturizer because I almost used up the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+, which was one of my favourites. The Daily Hydration Moisturizer also won an Allure award. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that Clinique is not a cruelty free brand. Anyways, the moisturizer worked really nicely on my cheeks but it doesn’t feel as lightweight as it should be. I guess it just takes a while to settle into my skin. I notice that after a few minutes of its application, although my cheeks feel moisturized, smooth and dewy, my forehead does feel a bit sticky. It’s probably because it takes a longer time to settle and also my forehead gets oily faster than the rest of my face does.

Overall, this set has become a new favourite of mine for three reasons; it’s affordable ($10), it does what it says and the brand is also cruelty free! I highly recommend anyone who wants to try new skincare products to try this set.


Both the cleanser and the serum are worth buying, however after a week of using the moisturizer, i found that my forehead was starting to break out more, so I discontinued using it. The rest of my face was fine, so if you have oily skin, try using another moisturizer because this moisturizer probably works better for people with dry to normal skin

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