6 inspirational books for the entrepreneur

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Over the past year, I’ve developed a love for reading business books during my spare time since I dream of starting my own business someday, and well, you kinda need to gain a bit more knowledge about your field before you get started, so that you learn as much as you can about it. What I like about reading business books is that the authors talk about the journeys they went through, the previous mistakes made in the process, and they’re just a generally a productive way to pass time when you’re stuck on public transit systems waiting for the train to come. Here are some of my favorite business books for this month! I hope you enjoy and don’t forget to share some of your own!

6 inspirational books for the entrepreneur

  1. People Over Profit by Dale Partridge: this book makes a unique connection with humanity and business and illustrates how certain businesses are able to expand their business by promoting humanity first. It dives into detail on why some businesses are more successful than others and provides plenty of case studies of businesses that thrive because they are able to stay within the “honesty” part of a cycle. It explains how the most successful businesses stay atop their game, maintain excellent customer service relationships and do better in the long run. This is an entrepreneurial must-read for those of you who are interested in learning more about the special treatment some businesses offer to their customers to keep a loyal fan-base.
  2. 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss:  it’s basically the “how-to work less while earning more.” It teaches you how to set up a business, maintain it and expand it while being able to live your dream life because who doesn’t want to make tons of money while going world travelling? It has a detailed step-by-step guide on how one gets there and how to get over challenges in life. I also find that it takes on a unique perspective of working and shows you a shortcut in life that not many people have gone through yet – how to not go to work and still get paid. I really recommend this book to anyone who wants to know each step of the way in starting up a business, learning about the best strategies of expanding it and keeping a sane amount of working hours each day while being able to enjoy their life.
  3. Passion Into Profit by Andy Harrington. It’s an awesome book that teaches people about how to make money from telling others about experiences that you’ve been through. Let’s be real. I’m pretty sure that all of us have been through some tough struggles in life and we’d be really happy to make some moolah from our story telling skills. After all, we all have stories to share about ourselves and there’s probably someone else out there right now who’s in the same place that you were in before who would more than love to hear about your experience.
  4. Oversubscribed. If you already have a business, but no idea how to attract the right customer – and get lots of them living up to your door for business, then this book is for you. It explains and outlines a plan on how to get clients lined up to do business with you, so that you can save yourself the struggle from having to go after clients. What would it be like to live your dream business life.
  5. Blogging, Inc. By the creator of Oh Joy! Blog, this book is perfect if you have always dreamed of starting your own blog! It goes through all the steps of setting up a blog, maintaining it, expanding it and the possibility of transforming your blog into a business in the future. There are a variety of case studies which showcase other blogs that have evolved from just being a hobby to a career. What I really enjoyed about this book is that it offers starting bloggers a wide range of options on what hosting platform to use, different ways in which the blogger can use social media and how to connect with other bloggers, so that you won’t feel as lonely in the online world – we’ve all been there.
  6. Make it happen by Lara Casey. Ever had a dream but afraid to let go of expectations to pursue it? If you find yourself stuck in that position right now, then this is definitely for you. Lara has been through many struggles in her life from wanting to be a dancer to starting a wedding photography business. This book takes you on a one-on-one journey of how to realize what your true dreams are and go on a daring adventure to actually make it happen. Filled with mind maps on each page, it truly helps readers figure out a detailed way of how to achieve their dream. This is one of my favorites for being inspired when you’re lost in life.

With all of that said, what are some of your favorite business books or generally inspirational books that you enjoy reading? Let me know in the comments below!


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