Dear future me|a letter to my future self

Hey guys!

Alright I know I’ve been absent for the last little while or so, but that was because I was trying to plan the next two months –aka summer. I finally finished my last exam last Friday (hip hip hooray) and decided that I really needed to spend my summer working on my blog more and implementing my personality in the posts I write. Looking back at the previous blogging year and my last posts, I felt like they were more forced and less of the real person I am on the inside. I only wrote poems and stories because some of my friends are really good writers and I just wanted to be like them. However, I learned that everyone has their own strengths and talents and that even though you may have a friend who’s born to be a writer, it’s ok to be completely different from them. Me, I’m more of a fashion/beauty/music/acting/arts person. While I like writing and completely respect creative writers who, unlike me, can actually start and finish writing a book, I struggle with it on the other hand. My talents include freestyle dancing, singing and laughing on demand at the worst jokes ever (for an hour.) with that said, I’m gonna start writing more posts that truly reflect who I am on the inside, and not this unattainable freelance writer who I’m actually not.

Getting to the main point, for the past few months or so it seems, I’ve been keeping an eye out for scholarships. The reason being the fact that I’m graduating next year, and attending any university is gonna cost a mountain of moolah, which I refuse to give my parents to handle. That being said, my goal in the next few months is to try and apply for as many applicable scholarships as possible, so that I’ll have an increased chance of earning some money to add to my RESP. Yes I know that there are plenty of student loan options out there and they do look pretty tempting, but I’d rather do what I can now and earn as much as I can to pay for university than graduate with having to drag a tonne of student debt behind me. Yes I’ll still probably have lots to pay off, but I’m gonna try and keep that to a minimum.

So as I was browsing yconic the other day, I found this scholarship on rcktshp for a letter to your future self. What they were asking for was a letter, or video to your five-year-older self about what your future might end up like. I decided that this was a hella rad idea for a chance to win a scholarship so I got started on my Dear Future Me video and here’s what I created at the end. However I do warn you as you watch this video that the voiceover does pick up background noises and that some parts sound uneven. While some people are lucky to have a professional microphone to record with, I was at the mercy of my dad’s iPhone earpods, so let’s just say that I did try my best to ensure the audio was clear enough and that you can hear what it sounds like. Other than that, I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on Youtube for further upcoming videos!



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    1. you should write one sometime! it’s really fun to do and it gives you an idea of what you’re trying to aim for in life! and like you said, you can look back years from now and reflect back on personal growth! 🙂

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