Exam Study Tips

For the past few weeks, school has gotten much more intense with the teachers scrambling to get all their marking done and students are in a rush to finish their culminating, and then study their notes for exam season. While I’ve been keeping my grades to a mid-80 range, I’ve also been brainstorming a number of different ways that I could study more efficiently. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been studying for an entire day. You could have only been focused only a quarter of the time (which is sometimes one of my weaknesses), but really what matters if your ability to study efficiently. Would it be awesome if you could cut down on your study time while absorbing more of what you just read? You could then save so much time for something else. After all non-stop studying doesn’t help the brain at all, but makes it worse and there’s nothing fun about a continuous session of studying.

Taking all of this into mind, and the fact that I really wanted to record another video for my Youtube channel, I decided to create one for exam study tips. This way I could create something relevant to what I’m currently working on and help myself achieve my academic goals at the same time. I came up with quite a few different ways to efficiently study for exams. I use them myself, so I hope you find them useful as well!



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