The art of manicures

Like lipstick, nail polish is a known beauty symbol. It’s what sets apart beauty gurus and fashionistas from the average person. It’s a must-have product in the drawers and dressers of every beauty enthusiast. People who wear nail polish are often considered trendy and up-to-date with beauty. Looking at the nails of different people can say a lot about each individual; their personality, style moods and creativity. If you, like me, make a mess of yourself after your mani, I deem myself to have bad hand-eye coordination.

My nails prove I'm a bit clumsy
My nails prove I’m a bit clumsy

As I was cleaning out my drawer the other day, I remembered the bag of nail polish I kept in my upper drawer. Knowing that they usually dry up before I get the chance to use it a few times, I decided right then and there that it was time to give myself a mani for the first time since forever. During the process of decorating my nails again, I learned a few important things about the art of manicures and it made me want to paint my nails more often. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Art can look easy, when it’s actually quite hard. The stylish nail designs on Pinterest take time, and a lot of precision to perfect. They always look so easy and effortless, but in truth require a lot of patience to get done.
  2. It takes practice to perfect a mani. My nails currently look like I just dotted nail polish all over them….far from the result that I was actually trying to achieve.
  3. Doing my nails improves my sense of hand – eye coordination, which I suck at. I’m very bad at applying anything in front of a mirror. I am also constantly looking back and forth between the instructions and my hand sometimes while trying to accomplish a task.
  4. It improves my ability to work with both hands. My right hand is my predominant one, but what if one day something happened to it and my left hand is needed to function? I remember twisting my wrist once in first grade. Everyone had to write a letter to a student -teacher that was leaving, but due to a playground incident, which resulted in me spraining my wrist, I had to wear a cast and couldn’t use my right hand. That sucked since my handwriting is usually not bad, but since I never wrote with my left hand before, I ended up sheepishly giving her this poorly written letter that looked like a chicken scratched on it. When I’m doing my nails, I have to use my left hand to polish my right to get both done.
  5. Pushing back your cuticles make a huge difference. For people like me who have tiny fingernails – my nails are as small as my eleven-year-old brother’s – one more millimeter can make a significant difference. It creates the illusion that my nails are longer and fuller.
  6. Filing them makes it look polished. When I have just finished clipping my nails, it has a rough edge to it, so that when I wipe my hands on my pants, it scratches at times, but when I file it, I can get a much better shape.
  7. It is possible to play the piano with full nails. I’ve always cut my nails to the shortest length possible because it seemed super uncomfortable to practice the piano with nails at lengths most people keep at. However, I discovered that they really just take some time to get used to and then I’ll be fine.
  8. Last, but not least, I learned to be more nimble with my hands. You can do a lot in this world with nimble fingers. There are frequent times when I designed a sculpture or a piece of art, but couldn’t craft it by myself, which sucks.

At the end of the day, there are many things that look easy, but isn’t, especially in the field of art. Have you learned anything from manis and/or pedis? If so tell me about your learning experience!


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