5 reasons to visit to the countryside

I got back from this outdoor retreat center located up in Oshawa on the weekend. My family hadn’t really planned on going, but I insisted on it, wanting to finally sleep over with my friends and get out of the city for a while. Not everything went according to plan, but there are a few good reasons why going to the countryside is good for you and can help with de-stressing.

  1. Break from the city.
    1. Yes the city is very convenient, especially for people who live just a few kilometres from downtown. The only setback is that there are constant cars driving back and forth, too much people and it can get really stuffy. The average city dweller is constantly busy with one errand or another, so life goes by like lightning. I can’t run a couple blocks without bumping into some major intersection. In the country, you can go anywhere you want without having to watch for traffic and life feels much slower.
  2. The peacefulness
    1. In the city, there are always sounds, non-stop car noises, or airplanes above you at night time. There’s always something disturbing the silence around you including the clock beside your bed that is always ticking. However, in the country, it’s really quiet outside at night, so you can really savor the quality sleep time that you don’t normally get at night. The only exception is unless there was a group of really rowdy teenage boys in the neighboring room playing Monopoly. Then, it’s not. L
  3. Minimal pollution
    1. In the city, there’s air pollution, light pollution, noise pollution and garbage everywhere, mainly cigarettes. In the country, all you can see is acres of grassland, or snow. It’s much more spotless and clean around you since there’s less people. The only unfortunate thing that happened was that it started snowing on the first evening I was there and I had the idea that while I was up north, I could work out outdoors to be able to enjoy the fresh air. Turns out that Canadian weather was not willing to cooperate with my plans.
  4. Temporarily stop stressing
    1. The project for the upcoming week, home renovations, work/school problems, relationships. I’m pretty sure we could all fill up an entire legal sized sheet of paper with all the problems you’ve got in your life right now. Me, I’m especially worried about upcoming midterms and my grades, which are alright, but still not ok. Spending some time away from home gave me the opportunity to refresh myself, telling myself that this week is over; that a new week brings new opportunities and that we can’t move forward with our life if we keep rereading the last chapter. You can temporarily take your mind off of your current worries by going to another place. It helps when you’re stressed out.
  5. Meditation
    1. Referring back to #1, the countryside is really peaceful, so why not spend some time meditating and pretending there isn’t a single soul around you. The countryside provides you with all the peace and quiet you can have, so take advantage of it. Also enjoy the nature, birds chirping, abundance of fields and scenery. Mother Nature’s beauty is absolutely breath-taking. During the day, pull out a yoga mat and strike some poses. Take your mind off of whatever there is to think about. Forget the world around you for a minute. Just concentrate on the energy radiating around you, happiness and being alive. Meditating is good for the body, mind and soul. Don’t forget to look up at the starlit sky at night!

Tell me, what do you guys like about going out to the country, or anywhere away from home occasionally? Where do you go on vacation? Does it help? Let me know in the comments below!


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