Written Wednesday: a rant on enforcing goggles in badminton

First off, sorry for not being active for the past week. School has been really busy for the past couple of days. In fact I’ve had to go through three tests today, for all three of my current courses – chemistry, math and English. Yes it was pretty mentally exhausting, but it feels like whenever mid-term mark deadlines come up, teachers decide to make everything due on the same day! It gets even more difficult at times when you have extra-curricular events after school each day that delay your accessibility to a computer or even wifi. I came home around 7pm yesterday with just about enough energy for writing a post, but then remembered that I have three tests today, so went straight to studying them and didn’t have enough time to type up my post. Out of all the tests I did today, I think I did the best in math since I actually prepared. I couldn’t even remember half of the things we learned in chemistry, but thank goodness it’s the first unit and much of a review for gr.10 science!

Oh and another surprise from my school! We have to complete course selection for next year by this Friday! In other words, I’m gonna go into full-blown panic and scream my vocals chords out now because I can’t decide between taking guitar or world history. This happens every year. I know 6/7 of what I want to take and end up fidgeting nervously over the “next” button on course selection because I’ve made mistakes every year since gr.10. I was open-minded last year, and I’m not gonna take two of the courses I took last semester because they sucked. I make too many mistakes which is why this is that stressful for me. I like learning about life in the past, but I’m an arts person at the same time. help me decide people?

That was it for the life update…now for my rant. First of all, fun fact about me; my favorite sport is badminton. It’s like the only sport I can play – besides swimming – without embarrassing myself in the action. For a person like me, it’s a sport that doesn’t require too much strength to play, and I don’t have a lot of strength. If you actually met me, your first impression would probably be like 99% of the people I meet “OMG you’re so skinny! You’re like a real life stick figure!” There aren’t a lot of sports in this world that don’t reqire a certain amount of strength, so badminton suits me.

I also recently learned that our school’s badminton team started up again – yay! I’ve been waiting forever for this to happen and it’s finally here! However, there’s a catch to it; because of an incident that occurred a few years ago; one where a student’s eye was injured and their parents freaked out, we’re required to wear goggles.

The problem is that most of us badminton players are asian. A lot of us wear glasses. Wearing glasses makes it really hard to wear goggles on top. Espcially if you have a nose like mine, it keeps falling off. If this is a safety regulation, it’d be enforced in competitions. Therefore, I wouldn’t be able to play to my full potential incompetitions. Kinda sucks when that’s one of the only two sports I can play. The TDSB should reconsider their decision to enforce this regulation on all players.

I understand that for safety reasons, people who don’t wear glasses should wear goggles, but people with glasses shoudn’t have to! I can’t stress how frustrating it is to wear literally two pairs of glasses! You can’t focus your energy and concentration on aiming and hitting right, you need to make sure you can see where the birdie is coming at you first, but you can’t do that when your goggles aren’t sitting properly. It’s maybe better for those of us who aren’t wearing bulky glasses, but let’s be real. Most of us these days wearing glasses like the bigger frames – Ray-Bans, Derek Cardigans, you name ’em. They’re not suitable for badminton and therefore, I think people who have impaired vision should be allowed to play the game without being forced to wear these miserable safety gear equipment! It’s discriminating against players of an already under-populated sport at my school.


P.S. guess what?! I was able to convince my paren o ge me an iPod 5! Now I’ll finally be able to start taking some really good photos to be featured on my blog! Hip hip hooray! Are there any apps you guys could recommend for taking blog-worthy photos? Thanks in advance!

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