Written Wednesday: All because of algebra

Hey guys!
As I’m reviewing gr.11 functions to prepare for the upcoming merciless semester, I wanted to share with you guys another poem that I wrote, mainly about the relationship I have with…algebra. Hahaha. I used to like math in middle school, but then high school came along, then numbers turned into letters, or so called variables and 1+1 turned into something too long to type.

In the past, I’ve tried to get help from my parents or teacher, but I began ignoring my misunderstandings when my teacher couldn’t provide an explanation crystal clear, or when my parents just got angry when I wasn’t able to understand what they were trying to teach me. I wish I had someone who could calmly, and effectively explain the solution to the problem. However amidst writing poems after I painstakingly completed my algebra homework, my writing turned into what I felt about algebra, here it goes;

All because of algebra

My eyes have started welling up again
Filling with tears
Trying to see clearly
Those numbers and letters
Why are they causing me
So much misery
All because of algebra

Struggling to hold back my emotions
From bursting and pouring out
My mind fills with doubt
Insults cloud my thinking
Reminding me useless, stupid and dumb
Thisis making my brain go numb
All because of algebra

Math is important in this society
I do believe that
But when the world revolves around it
Frustrations will start to build
Into an enormous fireball of anger
The built-up madness rages at this world
All because of algebra

Unsatisfaction inside of many
Bright young girls and boys
Who once were filled with energy
Now have become dulled and trampled on
It has blinded their beacon of hope
Forced them to despise of numbers and letters
All because of algebra

That is it for my little rant. Do you guys unleash all your furies with poetry or write it out in your journal? What do you rant about?


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