It’s back to school season; tips for freshmen

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Hey guys!

Yeah…I know, it’s sad…everyone’s most dreaded month is coming back. It’s back to school season! For those of you who have already finished school, your routines and lifestyle are probably not gonna change so drastically, but for those of you like me who are busy preparing our closets, school supplies and rearranging our schedules, I decided to write this blog from the experience of have being in high school for two years. Now I’m officially a junior (third year)! You may have, or have not already began hustling back those mountainous loads of homework – which most students tend to fall into the habit of procrastinating on. Thankfully, my school starts Sept 2 and only lasts an hour and a half of the first day, so it’ll be like a transition period from vacation to school. Now here are my suggested tips on going to high school!

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