3A: 4 Months of Overcoming Challenges (pt. 1)

April 5, 2019

“Dear Jinjin,

We regret to inform you that due to unanticipated changes in our fulltime operations team, we are forced to rescind our offer.

Wishing you the very best and we are sorry for this last minute change !!



You can’t be serious. This can’t be happening, I thought. I had already had a difficult 3A term that I was still struggling to complete, and just a few weeks after I got matched with this company, when I thought I could finally take a break from co-op searching and focus my energy on maintaining decent grades until the end of the term, I get notified that my co-op offer has now been rescinded…

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What I’ve learned from co-op

I’m halfway done my co-op term, and honestly can say that I’ve enjoyed it a lot for the past 2 months. The skills that I’ve gained through working on projects and tasks really give me applicable insight to what goes on in the real world. My favourite part? Getting feedback from my co-workers and manager that I’m a valued member of the team, and that I make impactful contributions that help the team move towards our common goals. The best feeling is knowing that the others around me know I strive to work hard to make my contributions, and that they appreciate it. It’s a clear sign to me that “you’re on the right track to getting somewhere, and hopefully able to get an earlier start to climbing the corporate ladder.” And honestly I need that, because I have yet to discover a sufficient amount of careers that are suitable for an English undergrad student. In plain English, I’m subconsciously stressing over where the actual heck I’m headed in life, but have a bit of a loose feeling that I am likely heading in the right direction.

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Studying Efficiently in University

Many of you are probably asking, “what’s the academic transition like? How does it get harder?” Although you have less classes than you did in high school and more “free time,” with university comes a heavier workload. Sure, you get more time off, but most students end up using that time to learn and study on their own, because you will probably have some classes in which you need to do some extra self-study to actually get the lecture content.

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Letter to First-Years Entering University

*I lived off-campus in my first-year, so my experience may differ from yours*

Congratulations. You’re finally finished four years of high school and either you ran across the finish line (of exams), or (if you’re anything like me) you painfully crawled your way barely passed the finish line and declared it to be vacation before the school authorities could object to your freshly printed grades. (I still made it into Waterloo, just for reference). Anyways, allow your parents to give you a pat on the back for gruelling through the past weeks of exams and realize that this summer may be your last one off before you start your journey in university, where you realize that nothing is, what is seems (cue Wizards of Waverly Place). Here are some things to expect upon entry to university, things to be lookin’ out for.

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Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of University

First year came and flew by in a flash. University really does just come and go – way faster than high school. I remember the university application process, finally making my decision and being both excited and nervous about what the future would hold. I remember how nervous I was the first day I moved out for university.

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First month of university

Let me start off my saying I made it through my first month of university! The past month was a struggle, but I’m glad I managed to survive. I discovered that university is full of surprises and learning experiences, and so many things that have happened are unexpected. I don’t know where or how to start this, so I’ll just jump right in.

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Starting a new semester

January passed by so quickly with exams and culminating projects to finish; I can’t believe that we’re already into February this fast! I went through a lot in the past month – exam stresses and tight deadlines – and it feels so good now that I no longer have a load of things to do on my back. Despite the fact that not all my exams went as well as I hoped, I still have to just use my one day of break to destress and rebuild strength for approaching the new semester. Here are a few tips I’m using for a transition.

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Exam Study Tips

For the past few weeks, school has gotten much more intense with the teachers scrambling to get all their marking done and students are in a rush to finish their culminating, and then study their notes for exam

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